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12 issues of Inside Fashion
  • What's Selling
    What suppliers say are their bestsellers for the coming season.
  • Runway to Retail
    Interpreting the runway collections for the mainstream market.
  • Consumer Attitudes
    The pulse of what consumers are feeling and what's influencing purchasing decisions.
  • New Fabric Developments
    Fabric innovations interpreted into bestselling fashion trends.
  • Inside Markets
    Insights into the opportunities and challenges in emerging and traditional markets.
  • Inside Sourcing 
    A geo-political summary of key developments in the major sourcing markets.

  • Product Innovation
    The newest developments in fabrics, fibers, finishes and accessories.
  • Inside Retail
    What's selling ... New concepts ... Marketing strategies.
  • China Report
    What people are buying ... Where they are shopping ... How to succeed in this fast-growing and challenging market.
  • Best Practices
    Who's succeeding ... What they're doing right. We show you how to make money in 2014!
A comprehensive overview of the top trends for the coming season.  
We identify what will sell at retail and give you advice on how to develop collections that have sales power.
Includes over 295 technical drawings,  fabric swatch images, plus...color palettes, key consumer attitudes, The Next Big Thing, new product developments - and more!
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