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The Art of Metallic Yarn

Galaxy Metallic Yarn: Better metallic yarn for functional apparel

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To stand out in a competitive global market companies need to continually bring newness to traditional products.  Shanghai Galaxy Metallic Yarn Co., the one of the companies that keep pushing boundaries and has become a pioneer in product innovation. The company developed the world’s finest metallic yarns for intimate apparel and is also one of the few companies that produce metallic yarns that can withstand high pressure and high temperature during the dyeing process.

Founded in 1997, Shanghai Galaxy Metallica Yarn is a subsidiary of a Japanese metallic yarns manufacturer Tanabe Textile Industry Co. (田辺繊維工業株式会社), which was established in Kyoto in 1932.

Originally producing quality metallic yarns for export to Japan, today Galaxy serves more than 4,000 clients globally including H&M, Uniqlo, Youngor, Triumph and others.

It’s All About Quality

Quality is the key to Galaxy’s success and the company has built up its reputation as one of the most reliable suppliers for metallic yarns.

“We serve a group of mid to high-end customers that have very strict standards on quality. However, there’s also pressure on price making it very difficult to offer the price people want and still achieve right texture. It is a very delicate balance,” said Nishikawa Kasumi(西川霞美), President.   “However, we never cut corners on products. We work very hard to hit both the quality and price point. Ultimately, we will always deliver what we promised,” he added.

Shanghai Galaxy produces more than 5,000 different types of yarns for embroidery, denim, intimate apparel, warp knitting and other applications, with 95 percent of its products included in its stock service.

“Instead of being asked for new things, we want to be able to offer our customers products that they haven’t thought of – yarns from which they can create amazing garment and stay ahead in the retail market,” said Ms. Kasumi.

Bring Functionality to Metallic Yarns

“Fashion can be timeless, but every product has an expiration date. We want to come up with ideas that are one step ahead of the market. For instance, we see there is a trend in the market where people are coming back to elegant, classic clothes, so we have developed a super soft, matte color collection that’s very refined and really elevates the garments,” said Ms. Kasumi. 

In addition to its fashion collections, Galaxy has developed super tough, bulletproof yarns. They also developed radiation protection yarns, which can be used to make maternity dresses.

The Importance of New Market

From the beginning, the management team knew that they couldn’t rely solely on the Japan market. Efforts to diversify into new markets have paid off and now 40 percent of Galaxy’s orders come from China, while 60 percent come from all over the globe.

“We will always keep our eyes open for new opportunities. Once a company gets too comfortable, it is not far from declining,” said Ms. Kasumi.

The Right Platform

Being a pro-active player in the market, Galaxy places a lot of effort on marketing and understands the importance of selecting the right platform for showcasing its products. Like many successful companies in the industry, Galaxy participates in SPINEXPO seeing the fair as the ideal place to present its newest achievements.

“We like Shanghai SPINEXPO very much. We’ve participated in the show since it first launched. It is a very professional show and is attended by all the best companies in the industry. When you are among the good companies, you also attract the good buyers. Right now, there is no other shows like this,” said Ms. Kasumi.

Galaxy also finds the show a good source of inspiration and new ideas. “SPINEXPO’s trend forum is phenomenal. We can really the new direction in the market and develop our products accordingly,” she added. 

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