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Yarn & Knitwear Super Stars

A Pioneer in Re-engineering Products and Processes

Shanghai Xinnuo: Re-engineering products and processes for a new market

Author: IF Staff Editor/Monday, May 2, 2016/Categories: Jan-2016, Yarn & Knitwear Stars

To survive a difficult market, suppliers need to provide something new and truly unique. It takes a lot of determination and a big vision to steer a company in the right direction these days. Shanghai Xinnuo is one company that is willing to take the more difficult path and is focusing on building up a fully integrated supply chain and developing innovative products that will win with buyers and consumers.

Founded in 2000, Shanghai Xinnuo is a vertically integrated yarn and garment supplier with its own spinning, knitting, dyeing, finishing and garment marking facilities.

For knitwear, the yarn is a major determining element in how the final garment will look.  As a vertical supplier, Xinnuo is able to leverage its technical expertise at all stages of production.

“We are able to do integrated development for our customers.  This has great advantages in terms of costs, efficiency and quality.  Since we have the whole picture in mind from the start of production and can then control every step throughout the process, we can achieve the maximum results,” said Mr. Shi Jieke, General Manager at Shanghai Xinnuo.

Investing in R&D

The company’s core business is spinning. Strong R&D is embedded in the genes of the company culture, to aid in product development as well as to boost the quality of the products.

“Textiles are a very traditional industry and over the years many of the players developed their own ways of doing things and they keep doing things that way forever.  However today the market wants something with more character. One needs to have unique and special products in order to stand out,” said Mr. Shi. Xinnuo works with a group of Japanese experts to develop patterns based on the latest trends. The company also invests heavily in developing cutting edge technology and to upgrade its production facilities.

Xinnuo understands the importance of having truly unique products. The company introduced special Japanese Konjacflour yarn to China.  In doing so, it invested heavily to enhance and re-engineer the production process to make the yarn more commercially viable.

“Konjacflour is a traditional Japanese product. It is made of natural Konjac and needs a special solvent to process yarn. The product has a smooth hand feeling that is similar with linen, but it minimizes the loose and friction phenomenon of linen yarn. Konjacflour can also be blended with a wide range of materials. However, it wasn’t a product that was easy to mass-produce. When we brought Konjacflour into China we needed to invest a lot to improve the product, and more importantly, modify the production process to make it a practical for large-scale manufacturing, ” said Mr. Shi.

Xinnuo keeps pushing the boundaries of the current technology to enhance its Konjacflour yarn. Traditionally, Konjacflour is made into 20-count yarn, however the company manages to make fine gauge Konjacflour of up to 120-count.

Working with a professional platform

Realizing that it traditional export market, Japan, has become saturated, Xinnou began exploring new markets.  One of its most successful marketing strategies has been to join SPINEXPO.

“We used to focus our efforts on the Japan market, which accounted for about 80 percent of our business. As the Japan market leveled off, we started to shift our attention to the China domestic market. Now the domestic market accounts for 50 percent of our business.  SPINEXPO has played a key role in helping us make this transition. It is a very professional platform and works very well to bring us new, high quality customers. We are able to reach a big pool of good companies and buyers at SPINEXPO,” said Mr. Shi.

Apart from helping suppliers meet professional buyers, SPINEXPO also provides great trend guidance for both exhibitors and visitor. “We really love the SPINEXPO trend forum.  It provides very clear direction about what’s happening in the market,” he added. 

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