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Yarn & Knitwear Super Stars

Winning Textile: Leading with Innovation

New rayon yarn R&D energizes knitwear

Author: IF Research Dept/Tuesday, November 10, 2015/Categories: Yarn & Knitwear Stars

A commitment to continual innovation has kept Winning Textile on a steady growth path.   

“I love this business!” said Samson Lam, director.  “I am always thinking about new product ideas or ways to achieve new effects.  Having our own factory enables me to experiment with new ideas whenever I want to.”

The Hong Kong-based spinner specializes in rayon and viscose yarn, with a monthly production of 150 tons per month.  

“The secret to our success is to is to keep creating new product. Through non-stop innovation, we keep rolling our new product every few weeks,” said Mr. Lam.   “At a trade fair, buyers will always come to see us since they know that we’ll have something new to show them.”

Winning works closely with each customer starting from the early stages of product development.  “If a buyer likes something, we will try to find a way to re-interpret it into a much more cost efficient version.  One of the strengths of our development team is their ability to lower the cost of the yarn while maintaining the quality.  We are constantly working on improving our techniques. We also experiment with new, less expensive raw materials, and try new blends,” said Mr. Lam.

Speed to market is a key criterion these days and Winning offers an extensive stock service.  “We stock 180 colors of both bright and dull rayon yarn,” said Mr. Lam. “We can ship any yarn from our stock collection immediately to the customer.”

Generous Sampling Fosters Innovation

To keep its product in the hands of customers, Winning has invested in a big program where they provide their customers, and even designers who are not yet customers, with generous access to sample yarns.

“Sending free samples to every designer and brand is a huge investment, but it is definitely worth it.  It ensures the designers are constantly seeing us, and when they want to make develop new products they have our yarns already in hand.  They use our yarns for free to make the sample, but they will order later,” said Mr. Lam. When asked if he wasn’t worried that buyers would simply source Winning’s innovations from other lower cost suppliers, he responded confidently saying,  “We’re not afraid of cheap copycats. We have excellent good service, a huge stock program, offer reasonable prices and have consistent quality. This is very hard for anyone to copy.“

Marketing Makes A Difference

One of Winning’s marketing strategies is to showcase its products at key international trade fairs.  The company takes a lead position at Spinexpo, both in New York and Shanghai.

“Spinexpo continues to be an important platform for us to reach international brands and retailers,” said Mr. Lam.  “At Spinexpo we’re amongst some of the best companies in the industry.   The show is highly selective, both in terms of exhibitors and visitors, and this professional environment has really supported our efforts to position Winning as a high quality, innovative spinner.  That’s not always easy to do in a highly competitive industry.

“Spinexpo Shanghai offers the added benefit of helping us to reach a growing market of mainland Chinese brands.  The Spinexpo New York has been great for connecting us with key decision makers in the U.S. market.  Now we are able to work with both their head office and Asian office.  This closer connection enables us to work with each customers to develop unique products for their specific market.”

Long Term Commitment to Innovation

“We are sticking with what we do best.   Because we have a strong commitment to this business we own both the factories and the land where they are located (in Chang Zhou City, Jiangsu Province and Jiaxing, Zhejiang). This helps us to maintain our costs in the face of rising rents in China,” said Mr. Lam.  “It also helps us to meet tight lead times since we have total control over our production.”

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