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Industrial pollution is blamed for the 'red

river' in Xinmeizhou village, Zhejiang,China.

The High Cost of Sustainable Manufacturing
As China 'greens' up, the industry is left with few chemical suppliers.  The cost

Intimate Apparel's New Hero 
Men's fashion has expanded its reach into underwear. Development Update

A Question of Balance
Uncertainty surrounding cotton has buyers and suppliers on edge.  What the industry is saying  
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an INSIDE FASHION Special Report with James Rarus
How to build a successful menwears retail business. Mens retail authority James Rarus reveals the secrets behind some of the world's most successful high end retailers. 
Plus, an inside look the world's best menswear brands and what makes them so unique.
What makes some brands powerful and profitable? Fifteen leading brand experts share their insights and experience in building 'power brands'.
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