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Crafting the Perfect Shirt Collar

How Wendler helps shirt manufacturers achieve the perfect collar.

Author: IF Research Dept/Monday, May 16, 2016/Categories: Exceeding Expectations, Apr 2016

Making a shirt collar that fits properly, stays fresh looking and is comfortable relies heavily on using the right interlining.  Increasingly, buyers are turning to industry specialists, manufacturers who have narrowed their focus so that they can do fewer things but do them very well. 

Wendler Einlagen GmbH & Co. KG was one of the first to hone in on one specific market sector.   The company specializes in making interlining for shirts and works with many of the world’s leading shirt manufacturers, including PVH, Esquel, Hugo Boss and others, to help them produce the perfect collars for a wide range of men’s shirt styles.

“There are many excellent companies making interlining. We are the experts in shirt interlining.  We focus on one specific sector, and work very hard to be a specialist in that field,” said Hagen Buergel, Managing director at Wendler Interlining HK Ltd., explaining that his company continues to invest in new developments to help their customers make better garments.

One recently launched interlining solutions is stretchable interlining for shirt collars.  A special post-finishing process is used to embedded stretchable performance into the interlining. With Wendler’s proprietary technology, the interlining can withstand multiple washes without weakening its performance.

Wendler’s newest developments including double side brushed interlining and zero shrinkage interlining.

Being Closer to the Market

Wendler started out over 170 years ago in Germany as a textile manufacturer. In 1974 the company set up a new division focusing on interlining and offering a comprehensive range of 100% cotton, woven, fusible & non-fusible interlining for shirts. In response to the demand for fast deliveries, Wendler established a factory in China producing 3.5-4 million meters of interlining as well as smaller joint venture factories in Bangladesh and India to support the growing shirt business in those nations.

 “We are not looking to be the cheapest supplier. At the same time, we never cut corners on quality. We believe in good quality and add-value service,” said Mr. Buergel.

To achieve speed to market, Wendler provides stock service in every major market with warehouses in China, Hong Kong, Germany, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and others.

 “We are a privately owned company with a small management team. There are many advantages of being small and agile including that we can make immediate decisions and react quickly to the market,” said Mr. Buergel.

Staying Ahead of the Market

Part of Wendler’s success formula is an investment in accurate market intelligence and turns to Inside Fashion as a key source of industry information and insights.

“The ‘Inside Sourcing’ section gives a good overview of what’s happening in the major sourcing countries,” said Mr. Buergel, who has subscribed to Inside Fashion for many years. 

“Inside Fashion has very good sources for industry information and their market view is accurate.  I often share articles and reports from Inside Fashion with our European team to keep them updated about what’s happening in the sourcing markets,” he added.

Sustainability is a Priority

Wendler is also an industry leader in terms of sustainability and social compliance.

It has converted all of its factories to use the new low formaldehyde solutions.  All of its factories have achieved zero discharge of hazardous chemicals (ZDHC).

“We are one of the first interlining companies that implemented a big detox program in our production. We started to do the compliance and sustainability work even before we were asked to do it, ” said Mr. Buergel, adding that the company is always looking for new ways to reduce the use of toxic chemicals.

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